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Team Combat League is a fast-paced, kill-based league with normal DSBL ship settings. Games are free-for-alls, and are played 3v3v3v.etc. Two matches are held every Sunday, and all registered squads can play in every scheduled match. All squads have 3 player slots, each of which has a death limit of 10. All players also have an individual death limit of 10. If a player reaches 10 deaths, he/she is out. If a player slot reaches 10 deaths, that slot is closed. If a squad reaches 30 deaths or has no eligible players or player slots, then that squad is out. Match points are calculated as:

[3 x Kills] - Deaths.

Regular season consists of 14 matches. Points from the regular season are computed as:

[3 x Kills] - Deaths + [30 x Games Played]

The top 4 squads from the regular season advance to a 3-game finals round, to be held over two weekends. The winners of the finals will be delcared the Team Combat League champions!

League Detailed Settings

Game Type: 0
Must Register: 1
Squads: 1
Max Roster: 10
Date Start: 0
Date Squadlock: 0
Date Recruit Lock: 0
Date End: 0
Active: 1
Eligibility Period [days]: 0
Flag Points: 0
Kill Points: 3
Kill Bonus: 0
Number of Rounds: 2
Round Length [seconds]: 3600
Ghost Attaches: 1
Burn Specials: 1
Burn Time: 15

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