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2012-06-08 21:02:11Gurliver joined the league.
2012-06-03 19:02:27AzN_MaSTa_FiGhTeR joined eg-c.
2012-06-03 19:01:29angry fetus kicked from eg-c.
2012-06-03 17:46:48Joebob. added to squad EZs(0)
2012-05-28 01:45:20hype? joined Left0vers.
2012-05-28 01:44:44cereal n' milk kicked from Left0vers.
2012-05-28 01:44:00hype? joined the league.
2012-05-27 02:19:49Joebob. joined Downies.
2012-05-27 02:16:58Joebob. joined the league.
2012-05-20 19:06:26sever joined Downies.
2012-05-17 18:15:41obie trice joined Jambos.
2012-05-16 20:47:44Obie Trice joined the league.
2012-05-16 14:53:23Goglio joined Jambos.
2012-05-16 14:52:13Goglio joined the league.
2012-05-14 14:51:30soolomanne joined Jambos.
2012-05-14 14:51:09SooloManne joined the league.
2012-05-14 13:29:35BRAINS joined Jambos.
2012-05-13 15:14:15Detector joined EZs.
2012-05-13 14:51:28Emper joined Jambos.
2012-05-13 14:50:57Emper joined the league.
2012-05-13 14:48:41Gentleman joined Jambos.
2012-05-13 14:48:15Gentleman joined the league.
2012-05-13 11:22:28Jambos squadcreated by TLRS.
2012-05-13 11:21:39TLRS joined the league.
2012-05-06 18:03:58a. einstein joined Everglaze.
2012-05-06 18:03:36A. Einstein joined the league.
2012-05-06 17:58:21xwurp joined Everglaze.
2012-05-06 17:58:12exoo kicked from Everglaze.
2012-05-06 17:57:56exo kicked from Everglaze.
2012-05-06 17:57:20Xwurp joined the league.
2012-04-29 19:01:01sever joined Downies.
2012-04-29 18:52:58bani..? joined Vuohet.
2012-04-29 18:51:07Bani..? joined the league.
2012-04-29 18:49:17pepsi max joined Vuohet.
2012-04-29 18:44:21PePsI MaX joined the league.
2012-04-29 18:41:09asuran promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2012-04-29 18:40:54Asuran joined Left0vers.
2012-04-29 18:03:13legodude1996 joined EZs.
2012-04-29 17:51:31legodude1996 joined the league.
2012-04-25 02:26:24VoltHertz joined EZs.
2012-04-24 02:29:51Autofire joined the league.
2012-04-22 19:17:17EZ's squad name changed to EZs by Ent.
2012-04-22 18:34:13Snap! joined Left0vers.
2012-04-22 18:33:57Snap! joined the league.
2012-04-22 18:13:34Slacker!! joined EZ's.
2012-04-22 18:13:09Slacker!! joined the league.
2012-04-22 18:08:06slacker! kicked from EZ's.
2012-04-22 17:58:44Arakno317 joined EZ's.
2012-04-22 17:57:40Arakno317 joined the league.
2012-04-22 03:39:48Little Earl joined EZ's.
2012-04-22 03:39:20Little Earl joined the league.
2012-04-21 03:16:00SH0`NUFF joined EZ's.
2012-04-20 03:12:43SH0`NUFF joined the league.
2012-04-20 03:08:23Jet Powers set as trustee in EZ's.
2012-04-20 02:45:02Jet Powers added to squad EZ's(0)
2012-04-20 02:32:58Johnnymaverick added to squad EZ's(1)
2012-04-20 02:21:13Jet Powers joined the league.
2012-04-16 19:38:14BRAINS promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-04-16 19:38:09BRAINS joined Old Bones.
2012-04-16 19:37:56deathcorp promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-04-15 20:06:11adj. joined Left0vers.
2012-04-15 20:05:50adj. joined the league.
2012-04-15 19:48:21Scratcher switched names to Beer Hunter
2012-04-15 19:04:02cfour joined Super.
2012-04-15 18:19:20deathcorp joined Old Bones.
2012-04-15 18:18:54DeathCorp joined the league.
2012-04-15 17:52:40Angry fetus joined eg-c.
2012-04-15 15:58:51neg2win joined eg-c.
2012-04-15 14:23:04rock'et joined Everglaze.
2012-04-15 14:22:59Xavier! joined Everglaze.
2012-04-15 14:22:54pk3r joined Everglaze.
2012-04-15 13:58:21rock'et joined the league.
2012-04-15 13:12:11shoarmaschotel joined Super.
2012-04-14 20:02:32Vulch Crew squad name changed to EZ's by Vidiot_X.
2012-04-14 15:01:28Xavier! joined the league.
2012-04-14 11:30:56shoarmaschotel joined the league.
2012-04-14 10:13:28Alopecia joined the league.
2012-04-13 17:43:19LEGO squadcreated by DEAD FISH!.
2012-04-13 17:42:51DEAD FISH! joined the league.
2012-04-13 02:20:35Crage promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-04-13 02:20:27Crage joined Old Bones.
2012-04-13 02:20:11Crage joined the league.
2012-04-12 03:32:05chups promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-04-11 21:10:25pk3r joined the league.
2012-04-08 10:41:37Freedom Fighter! joined Left0vers.
2012-04-08 10:40:57Freedom Fighter! joined the league.
2012-04-06 22:52:36Sainth promoted to trustee of Downies.
2012-04-06 22:52:32Sainth joined Downies.
2012-04-06 18:04:14Sainth joined the league.
2012-04-05 08:58:49Cybrax joined the league.
2012-04-04 22:24:38SwampDonkey promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2012-04-04 22:24:02SwampDonkey joined Left0vers.
2012-04-04 22:23:18SwampDonkey joined the league.
2012-04-04 21:31:04Weasal promoted to trustee of Downies.
2012-04-04 21:30:57Weasal joined Downies.
2012-04-04 21:28:25Weasal joined the league.
2012-04-02 23:25:05Dozey. promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-04-02 23:24:52Dozey. joined Old Bones.
2012-04-02 17:32:00Randle joined eg-c.
2012-04-02 17:31:25Randle joined the league.
2012-04-02 03:20:44XTA joined Left0vers.
2012-04-02 03:19:56XTA joined the league.
2012-04-01 21:39:55Musta Kostaja promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2012-04-01 21:39:16Musta Kostaja joined Left0vers.
2012-04-01 17:21:51Musta Kostaja joined the league.
2012-03-27 16:05:14KarmonHardon1 promoted to trustee of Downies.
2012-03-27 16:04:34KarmonHardon1 joined Downies.
2012-03-27 15:54:44KarmonHardon1 joined the league.
2012-03-27 04:20:32Slacker! joined Vulch Crew.
2012-03-27 04:03:05Cereal n' Milk joined Left0vers.
2012-03-26 22:01:50Cereal n' Milk joined the league.
2012-03-25 23:10:48Dozey. joined the league.
2012-03-25 18:49:36Scratcher promoted to trustee of Vuohet.
2012-03-25 18:43:2245c joined Super.
2012-03-25 18:41:56CFouR joined the league.
2012-03-25 18:03:38El Dedo joined the league.
2012-03-25 18:02:45johnnymaverick joined the league.
2012-03-25 18:00:55Mary Jenkem joined the league.
2012-03-25 18:00:37sky_panda joined the league.
2012-03-25 01:49:48BZAP joined Left0vers.
2012-03-25 01:46:40BZAP joined the league.
2012-03-25 01:18:17chups joined Old Bones.
2012-03-25 01:17:54chups joined the league.
2012-03-24 23:32:48Alan Stafford promoted to trustee of Downies.
2012-03-24 23:31:41alan stafford joined Downies.
2012-03-24 23:30:11Alan Stafford joined the league.
2012-03-24 14:00:19Slacker! joined the league.
2012-03-22 18:11:04Magic dissolved by Detector.
2012-03-22 04:10:44Vulch Crew squadcreated by Vidiot_X.
2012-03-22 04:10:04Vidiot_X joined the league.
2012-03-22 03:22:4145c joined the league.
2012-03-22 02:04:26Ra promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-03-22 02:03:53ra joined Old Bones.
2012-03-21 19:02:35Ra joined the league.
2012-03-19 23:11:29FranKllr promoted to trustee of Old Bones.
2012-03-19 23:11:13FranKllr joined Old Bones.
2012-03-19 22:41:08FranKllr joined the league.
2012-03-19 21:35:32BRAINS joined the league.
2012-03-19 16:08:01Moilanen joined Everglaze.
2012-03-19 15:04:24Old Bones squadcreated by Ent.
2012-03-19 15:04:16Ent joined the league.
2012-03-18 14:36:40dsin joined eg-c.
2012-03-17 19:11:47ossi joined Everglaze.
2012-03-17 19:11:36icesword joined Everglaze.
2012-03-17 19:11:27Sever joined Everglaze.
2012-03-17 19:10:36pater punishment promoted to trustee of Everglaze.
2012-03-16 19:50:06Seraphim dissolved by Sever.
2012-03-16 17:30:18Dsin joined the league.
2012-03-16 11:08:34hype promoted to trustee of Magic.
2012-03-16 11:04:41hype joined Magic.
2012-03-16 10:53:12hype joined the league.
2012-03-16 09:56:08Dolce Gabbana switched names to Requim
2012-03-16 06:59:00Catblind joined Magic.
2012-03-16 06:56:18Catblind joined the league.
2012-03-15 23:02:36kk from oc promoted to trustee of Magic.
2012-03-15 23:00:25kk from oc joined Magic.
2012-03-15 23:00:03kk from oc joined the league.
2012-03-15 17:51:43IceSword joined the league.
2012-03-15 16:55:27Loom joined Magic.
2012-03-15 16:55:10Loom joined the league.
2012-03-15 16:50:47Merc joined Magic.
2012-03-15 16:50:29Merc joined the league.
2012-03-15 16:49:23Magic squadcreated by Detector.
2012-03-15 15:02:50detector kicked from Super.
2012-03-15 04:37:39detector joined Super.
2012-03-14 18:32:01Seriel Killer promoted to trustee of Super.
2012-03-14 18:31:49Seriel Killer joined Super.
2012-03-14 10:31:48Seriel Killer joined the league.
2012-03-12 21:48:20Ropsa joined Vuohet.
2012-03-11 21:16:27ossi joined the league.
2012-03-11 00:27:02Seraphim squadcreated by Sever.
2012-03-11 00:26:46Sever joined the league.
2012-03-10 17:37:16infinite~ joined eg-c.
2012-03-10 13:40:21Cyph joined eg-c.
2012-03-09 22:13:09Moilanen joined the league.
2012-03-09 18:35:30shatan promoted to trustee of eg-c.
2012-03-09 09:43:25Tembest promoted to trustee of Super.
2012-03-08 19:52:55Lee Roy joined eg-c.
2012-03-08 19:52:28Lee Roy joined the league.
2012-03-08 17:36:23exo joined Everglaze.
2012-03-08 12:27:24Exo joined the league.
2012-03-08 10:25:41Detector joined Super.
2012-03-08 06:27:40Detector joined the league.
2012-03-07 19:11:08Tembest joined Super.
2012-03-07 19:10:13Tembest joined the league.
2012-03-07 18:36:51Kemi promoted to trustee of Super.
2012-03-07 18:28:49Kemi joined Super.
2012-03-07 11:50:46kemi joined the league.
2012-03-06 21:31:06bik joined eg-c.
2012-03-06 21:30:43BiK joined the league.
2012-03-06 21:24:53Sulla joined Super.
2012-03-06 21:24:37Sulla joined the league.
2012-03-06 21:01:49Zimmel joined Super.
2012-03-06 21:00:30Zimmel joined the league.
2012-03-06 20:55:18magnum size promoted to trustee of Super.
2012-03-06 20:54:52magnum size joined Super.
2012-03-06 20:54:30Magnum Size joined the league.
2012-03-06 16:46:09Ropsa joined the league.
2012-03-05 11:01:24Super squadcreated by Dolce Gabbana.
2012-03-05 11:01:03ER>Affined switched names to Dolce Gabbana
2012-03-04 23:38:07Goatwhore joined Vuohet.
2012-03-04 23:37:41Vuohihuora switched names to Goatwhore
2012-03-04 23:35:21Vuohihuora kicked from Vuohet.
2012-03-04 23:34:15exoo joined Everglaze.
2012-03-04 23:33:34Exoo joined the league.
2012-03-04 23:32:48Vuohihuora joined Vuohet.
2012-03-04 23:32:10Scratcher joined Vuohet.
2012-03-04 23:09:57Vuohihuora joined the league.
2012-03-04 19:16:09Cyph joined the league.
2012-03-04 19:03:55pater punishment joined Everglaze.
2012-03-04 18:58:08shatan joined eg-c.
2012-03-04 18:57:50shatan joined the league.
2012-03-04 18:37:51Pater Punishment joined the league.
2012-03-04 18:21:11Everglaze squadcreated by Hece.
2012-03-04 12:17:57Infinite~ joined the league.
2012-03-04 11:24:24Hece joined the league.
2012-03-04 02:29:13Scratcher joined the league.
2012-03-03 23:52:34eg-c squadcreated by Matioso.
2012-03-03 23:48:22Matioso joined the league.
2012-03-03 07:03:32Uranas promoted to trustee of Left0vers.
2012-03-03 07:01:45Uranas joined Left0vers.
2012-03-03 07:01:14Uranas joined the league.
2012-03-03 01:41:01Left0vers squadcreated by Eridu.
2012-03-02 23:55:50wo promoted to trustee of Downies.
2012-03-02 23:55:26wo joined Downies.
2012-03-02 23:44:29Downies squadcreated by Downie.
2012-03-02 23:44:07Downie joined the league.
2012-03-02 13:36:20wo joined the league.
2012-03-01 19:18:25Vuohet squadcreated by Goatmoon.
2012-03-01 19:03:45Goatmoon joined the league.
2012-03-01 11:30:43ER>Affined joined the league.
2012-02-25 01:34:57SSS dissolved by Eridu.
2012-02-25 01:34:15SSS squadcreated by Eridu.
2012-02-25 01:34:04Eridu joined the league.

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