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Death Star Battle is a FREE, persistent MMO game that has been running for over a decade. It is a fast paced 2D space shooter with a Star Wars inspired theme.

The gameplay focuses on skill and teamwork: all players are on an even footing and must outskill their opponents to win. There is always something new to do. DSB's event referees (ERs) routinely host events such as trivia, zombie, and dodgeball, and DSB's league offers competitive gameplay between some of the most skilled players in all of Subspace.

Whether you want to play for 5 minutes or 5 days, Death Star Battle has what you are looking for.

Download the generic Continuum client (not DSB specific) here.


DSB Re-Organization discussion is open!

Check out the forums, we're trying to update DSB to meet the current standards of the community! URL: http://www.deathstarbattle.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=478 Also remember that Back Alley Brawl League number 5 has started, registrations are still open and squads are recruiting, visit DSB or ask in the forums if you have quesions!

-Beer Hunter

2013-06-04 02:11:37

Back Alley Brawl League 4 Registration is up!!!

BABL4 is starting this Sunday, Nov, 11. Registration is still up in ?go bab using the DSB-DB-Bot, send !help for all commands. Pre-season schedule for Nov, 11: Everglaze vs Red Hawks @ 18GMT/1pm EDT, Left0vers vs Nub Factor @ 19GMT/2pm EDT, Vuohet vs Amputease @ 20GMT/3pm EDT Event Sundays has now been moved to Saturdays in order to make room for league. Please continue to join us for events every Saturday from 18GMT/1pm EDT - 21GMT/4pm EDT.


2012-11-06 23:13:20


We are currently hosting events every Sunday from 18GMT - 21GMT/2pm EST - 5pm EST. This week will we host Dodgeball, Back Alley Brawl a Player Voted Event. Schedule will change weekly. All are welcome to come and play!!!


2012-10-22 23:06:48

Princess Leia Theme

Hi Subspace

It's time to save Princess Leia!!! Rebels start outside main entrance and Empire starts in core. Rebels have to break in and get a 51/100 flag ding to release Leia (ball) in deep South,E8.Empire must prevent this and will be rewarded for doing so. If Leia gets out Rebels must get her back to the mothership/safe/goal.Empire has to get her to star destroyer in north tube entrance and get her off DeathStar and away from Rebels.

Enjoy :)


PS - Many thanks to Eridu for this theme!


2012-06-16 05:23:51

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