Seeking Referees

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Re: Seeking Referees

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Sounds neat! You should probably contact Beer either in game or here. I'm still struggling with access to SS.

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Re: Seeking Referees

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Finalize, I will talk with you in game, your help is accepted and you shall receive some magical powers soon. Just as a disclaimer: we no longer have RF>'s, all new staff is trained or has the ability to do anything from hosting league games to modding public. Although it's up to you if you want to specialise especially for this or that field. Streaming games sounds like a great idea and definitely we will want you to do that. As for the organising things - that's fine too because we're looking for people ready to jump into these things - you could even organise a league at some point by yourself if you wish to do so. We're heading towards the future with very open policy regarding new additions to staff as well as letting people create or deliver concepts or plans they wish to offer for the players - we will support you along the way and offer help if such is needed.

PS. I guess I need to do some heavy updating here and there.. too many old threads pointing towards wrong information. :roll:

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Re: Seeking Referees

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Amazing, thanks for the reply BH. If we do succeed in gaining interest for DSBL and enough activity to make it worth the effort, I will surely sacrifice my time to try and help get it running. I did something similiar with Red Orchestra 2 :D

Lets check on it as it progresses.

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Re: Seeking Referees

Post by falconeer »

Yep forums seem dusty.

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Re: Seeking Referees

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Yup. It's been lonely :/
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Re: Seeking Referees

Post by wo »

i'll ref matches and WvsW's but i dont wanna do anything else

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