Team Combat League discussion

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Cyph »

Wow... making a new league is just to complicated lets do it the easy way and just announce that Cyph's team has won and call it a day :)

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Detector »

I would perhaps add my squad Magic to this league, only if this isn't an automated league and if someone wants to join Magic from DSB. It all depends on things.

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by wo »

sounds like a good time

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Beer Hunter »

Alright lets start to wrap this up a bit. Keep the discussion hot and your fingers flexible!

The ship limit seems to be set, we will use the following limit: One bomber and one emper allowed for a team. I still suggest you think about the possibility of having one ship weekends so the game play does not get stuck to same 1 bomber 1 emper 1 jav every weekend.

Roster limit, I think everybody agree if I declare it's set at 10.

jim the chin pointed out pretty interesting scoring system, I think this is doable:
jim the chin wrote:To do this your elimination-points will need to be higher. I'd suggest multiplying by 10. So first squad eliminated gets 10 points, next gets 20 and so on. Then you can use 2 points per kill to encourage attacking play. Next, use -1 points per death. This is because the winning squad deserves a bonus based on how well they won. Every squad eliminated will lose 30 points from this, but the winning squad will receive less of a penalty depending on how well they won. For example, if their players had 5 deaths, 3 deaths and 2 deaths then they only lose 10 points from their total.
The total amount of games per weekend still needs discussion. Do we want one game on Saturday and one on Sunday or two games on Sunday?

As for the map, the magnificent map maker who made the current map at ?go #werkshop is pretty sure he can produce other maps which are as great as that. So basically if you want map rotation, you got it.

jim the chin
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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by jim the chin »

One ship weekends
There are two ships that should definitely get one-ship-weekends. These are the warbird and terrier for the simple reason that they won't get used so much in the league. So it would be nice to use them at least once during the league since they are clearly very fun dueling ships. Otherwise, I would personally like a shark or levi weekend. I would recommend against jav/weasel because it would be boring, and against spiders because it would be kind of a lame bomb-spamming-fest, but who knows.

What Days?
I would do one on Saturday, one on Sunday, but I don't really have an argument in favour.

When i first hosted this league 10 years ago we did a finals match at the end of the season between the top 4 squads where points from this match were tripled. That is one possibility, but there may be better ways.

Alright, well, we could try a square one, or some other shapes. Maybe one with more rooms in it, that could be really interesting.
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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Tembest »

Beer Hunter wrote:Have one ship weekend, such as for example javelin only weekend when all squads use javelins in the game or warbird weekend. Anything you wish to have.
Restrictions on bombers and emps? Perhaps similar limitations as in 4vs4 league had, 2 empers 1 bomber allowed?
Perhaps have the regular season so that you can use 1 ship per weekend so if you use lets say warbird on weekend one, you cant use it next weekends?
One ship weekends sound stupid to me. Only ship fun to fight against in the same ship is warbird.
I don't think it would be much fun to create a massive duel, you can just hosts team tuel tournaments
with forced ships if you want to, but don't do it in league.

Limitations of ships do not belong in DSB in my opinion, but I'm ready for 1 emper and 1 bomber
because I think many will want that.

I'm not sure whether people would like they cannot use the same ship next weekend. I would play it
though. Although I think the usage of that ship should be prevented only for 1 or max 2 next weekends.
Another crazy idea is to have random forced ships for regular season. People might complain about bad
luck though. However, I think it would be fun if the ships for each team were announced like on Monday
for next weekend's matches. Then the squad should be versatile with players who can fly those ships,
even shark pubbers might get recruited, and the squad would be given a chance to practice the
combination during the week. Think about it.
Beer Hunter wrote:How many games do you wish to have per weekend? One game every Sunday or two games? Perhaps one game on Saturday and one on Sunday? Suggest so we know what kind of system and how many games we can add to the regular season.
We had to quit hosting Saturday matches because people did not show up. I don't see what has changed.
It's a no go, if you ask me. Is pub active on Saturdays? You could of course try doing pre-league on
Saturdays and see if squads show up. If they don't, then play matches on Sundays. Anyhow, before going
back to Saturday matches, I suggest the willingness to play on Saturdays is tested in some other way
besides asking a couple of people on forums.

Maps, format, points, play-offs I do not care about anymore. I have full faith in you. :)

PS. Thanks for making things happen again.

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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Godable »

What about Makron , Beastie and me would that ruin league?

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jim the chin
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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by jim the chin »

Makron, Beastie and Kemi might, but for the combo you suggest, go ahead. :lol:

Given ship combos sounds like an excellent idea. This will ensure all the ships get used, and will still give people some choice within the squads about which of the 3 ships to take. I love it. Warbird, terr and an emper would be damn fun.
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Re: Team Combat League discussion

Post by Eridu »

Both games on Sunday is best, that is what players are used to already.

I do not like the 1 ship weekends either, not forced anyway. We can announce that if a squad goes all terrier and gets at least 2nd place, they get a bonus. Forcing people to play a certain ship will make many angry and will give advantage to vets who have been here long enough to rack up usage in all ships. :(

ER Staff will give tokens to all players who participate in the match. 10 tokens per players to first squad out,20 per player to next squad out and so on.

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