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Hello from 2019
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Author:  Quinlan [ Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  Hello from 2019

First post in 2019 apparently.

I decided to register to say hello and add a few thoughts. People probably won't remember me as I didn't make a big impact (that I remember of anyway). I was surprise to remember my own nickname, let alone my password. But I've played Subspace... sorry, Continuum since probably 95 or 96 (under NameLess I think) and under the Quinl@n nickname since 2002. The good times of 24kbps baud modem, Geocities horrible pages and all. (Probably 56k in fact).

When I discovered DSB, I played it 99% of the time, the other zone were just boring to me. I think I was... decent. But I never played league. I might have joined at some point but later created a squad call "DoNotAskMe" so that people stop asking me to join theirs. (Might be an indicator that I was not completly useless).

Most of the time in the 2000, I would play for a period and forget for a few years. And be amazed that it is still alive when I get back.

I've read most of the relevant stuff on the forum about how to get more people and it is saddening that the game itself (not DSB only) lost the battle of time even though it is still up. It's not surprising but now, I'm old. :D

For DSB, I felt that many of the discussions were focused on League and at some point it kind of bothered me. Because League cannot be the forefront. Pub will trickle down to league, not the other way around. You won't get more than 1 league player for every 50 if not 100 pub players. Most of them being casual players (like me), others being one-off that won't like it or play it enough to bother. The ones that will dedicate time are a rarety.

I personally never cared about league mostly because I don't have that competitive gene but more importantly, it wasn't something I could commit (time, job, whatever).

I admit I don't have a solution. We're in 2019 and Subspace almost looks today like Pacman or Tetris looked when SS came out. Now that Ray tracing (cough pointless) is suddenly a thing and kids buy 900$ video cards... I doubt even a massive marketing campaign would change a lot. But, maybe it should be tried if not already.

Also, about DSB, I just got out of a big session on Chaos zone where they have Bots there that are quite something. I got my ass handed to me at first. They wake up when you go near them and they frigging chase you in gang. I even thought I was duped for a few minutes by a vet taking over them.

Mind you I didn't play for like 7 years but it it took me awhile to get in the right ship and realize how dumb they were when you get the trick.

But can these bots be adapted to DSB ? You put them in their special freq and their goal is to get the flags. Or something like that. A solo player won't really be able to hold the DS alone but it would make it a challenge. Entering DSB wouldn't be like entering an empty room.

While it didn't save Chaos zone from being empty of real players, it does make it... well fun.

I have no clue how to program these things. But if the ChaosBots can do what they do (not much to be honest but still), probably something can be done with them in DSB.

Anyway, enough babbles. Hope you all got old well, I have grey and this game doesn't make me feel younger. :D


Author:  Beer Hunter [ Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Hey welcome "back" to the game.

Bots may be one idea for public if we can get them modified and running. I do have the files for those automated bots it's only matter of reconfigurating everything for DSB purposes and the lack of coders that will hinder us.

We have a facebook group (SSCU Deathstarbattle) where players can organize / reach out to other players for games but everybody short on time it seems. The group has almost 300 players so with any luck you'll get a few players to join you. If there's enough interest we can always cook up more action but that requires activity.

I remember your alias and none of us are definitely getting any younger. See you in DS! :ugeek:

Author:  Ssseth [ Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Hey hey. Thanks for the post. Nice to see folks pop back in from time to time.

I hear you about getting older. I turn 40 this year :/

Author:  Quinlan [ Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Yea, it's getting hard. The 40 line hits a bit hard. Especially when you don't do what you should be doing like... exercises...pff hehe freaks.

Anyway to be honest, at this point, I do enjoy a lot the bots from Chaos and it seems that a few others too who even when in different freqs, just don't kill each other. We just kill the bots for the fun.

That's probably the extent of my casual gaming these days. Unfortunatly, there's always the one who just want to kill you for the ratings (as if anyone was still looking at them) and spoil the game. (I understand it is kind of sidelining the purpose of the game but well...). And the freqs are extremely limited. (Depending on the numbers, you can't be more than 2 or something like that).

So I find myself wanting to have the arena to myself without interference. I even looked at setting up my own but it went over my head a bit too fast.

If you can have an arena even if it is a square in the middle with 6 to 10 of these bots and a single freq so that people play together, I would spend a lot of time farming them. It's a stupid idea but heck, what's worse ? Trench wars ? (still don't get that one. Ships are terrible, goal is terrible. I just don't get how it's more popular than DSB or Chaos).


Author:  Detector [ Sun May 19, 2019 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Continuum is such an old game now, 24 years old. I'm happy for that it made to Steam. However i'm not going to play it again. With what? 12.000+ hours of playing time in DSB I have no interest of coming back again unfortunately. I'm at DSB forums only for the memories from DSB i have. I wonder how DSB player mystik from Sweden is doing these days. He and me played a lot of DSB together at the public arena. Also to mention Seriel Killer, Royale (sniper_25), Matioso with whom i used to practice dueling with. Bandidos and Inducers squads from DSB were my favourite squads I played in. I had an offer from Snoops to join RH at RH's time during DSBL 10-11 and i declined his offer after i joined and left after one day. It felt like i could never have been an RH since i felt like being home in either Bandidos or Inducers. Sorry Snoops, i still think you were perhaps the best squad captain there ever was in DSB, but i made the decision i felt was best at that moment. If only i had all the screenshots left from SS/continuum, then i would have shared the most of them with you guys. I finally won a DSBL as a Sector League in the end of my DSB era and i can still remember that. Playing with guys like kemi and The Sinister in East of DSBL Finals in our former squad Inducers and winning a DSBL was perhaps one of the best experiences i had in DSB. I did win the only DSB World War League with Team Finland and i played one full match during that League and that was Vs Sweden where i played in North. I was however a possible sub in the Finals Vs Team USA, that we - Team Finland won. If someone don't believe me, then tell Argyle to restore the league.nu website and check that League's details from there.

Author:  Ssseth [ Tue May 21, 2019 1:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

RH was my last (and current) squad. First one was ~R.I.P~ which changed names to DarkSide.

It might have just been a rumour but I heard Snoops died. Motorcycle accident. :cry:

Author:  Beer Hunter [ Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Ssseth wrote:
RH was my last (and current) squad. First one was ~R.I.P~ which changed names to DarkSide.

It might have just been a rumour but I heard Snoops died. Motorcycle accident. :cry:

#fakenews Snoops was online just couple months ago :roll:

PS. Hi Detector

Author:  Ssseth [ Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

Damn. Fake news is everywhere!

Glad to hear he is okay though!

Author:  Detector [ Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

PS. Hi Detector

Hey Beer Hunter

It's nice to see you running DSB. I couldn't be back playing again in Continuum, since I have other interesting things to do these days, i'm into playing PS4 and I will buy a PS5 next year if it would be released. However the old but gold days of DSB we had together were some good old times and those times will be remembered. I started out DSB when I was 13 years old, so not exactly "a while" ago. If anyone would see me login into SS/Continuum then i'm not going to play the game again, chat with me instead in spec mode.

Also if anyone has a PSN account and plays any FPS game(s) such as Call of Duty, then let me know, because i could play with someone from DSB I once played DSB with. I could play with former SS players from East Coast USA and from Europe as well, since the lag isn't bad at all from these locations.

I have a simple feeling about SS, as MousE used to say "sad but true" from a previous DSB community forums, that the situation isn't as good as it used to be right now in DSB. Where are all the players at? Well there's a simple answer for all this, they grew up and got themselves a life. I don't think there is any specific players to blame about why all the players vanished from DSB, it's simply because there are better and more interesting games with better graphics, game play that are well populated aside from this 2D spaceship game.

What can be done from now on? Do whatever you desire with DSB of course. I wish you all the best and I might still be logging into DSB Zone just for chatting and meeting with all the legendary DSB'ers.

Author:  Detector [ Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello from 2019

No reply to my message? That's because this zone and this forum are dead. This was a waste of my time (once again). I might as well buy an XBOX One X sooner or later, because PlayStation Network keeps on going offline too often and XBOX Live never goes offline it seems. This is why it could be a good chance to move on to XBOX instead, but not to PC because even SS/Continuum can be hacked by some retarded PC hackers as any other game from PC.

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