**Duel Tournament - See below for details**

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**Duel Tournament - See below for details**

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There hasn’t been an official legit classic DSB duel tournament for several years. Not like BAB matches, DT’s have existed since the beginning of time in DSB. Many older vets have recently logged in and they use to participate in this event. Due to the high demand, we’re having our first legit DSB duel tournament in almost 2 decades! Do you have what it takes to show you’re the best? Are you a former duel tournament champion? Prove it!

When: Saturday April 21st 18:00 GMT / 1pm EST
Where: ?GO DT

Do you have dueling rust? Use the pub arena to challenge other players.

Spread the word and hope to see you there!


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Re: **Duel Tournament - See below for details**

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Sweet :mrgreen:
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