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Re: Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

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Dude. To blame some registry bullshit from a 20+ year old game is weak sauce. What do you expect.
Never mind, i just googled that certain registry path and it didn't even belong to SS/Continuum. Its actually a registry path to Windows 10, for phones, for supporting them. So i was mistaken it for belonging to the game. Sorry.

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Re: Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

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All good mate.
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Re: Nostalgia Bomb Incoming

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Originally was going to post this in another thread, but thought that it had been derailed enough.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my. Greetings you space bums.

I miss the passion and trolling in these forums, one of the greatest sources of entertainment back when I played regularly. It's a really sad and monumental loss that we could never recover the old forum archives, there were some really nice gems buried in there. :(

Speaking of passion...Detector I envy the passion you had about dueling, but you were years too late bro. There was nobody left to give a flying fuck about anything duel-related, beyond a few players. Sure it was fun to watch a few noteworthy names or anyone above average-skill duel each other (probably because it was so fucking rare to see), but the drive to duel, or be the best, or win the most, or whatever you want to call it left almost every single player I could think of. I know mypassion about it died waaaaaaay before I ended up on RH and my skill automatically went downhill with it in the duelbox, as my attention went towards practising for league.

So, with that being said, your accomplishment of being the #1 rated player in DTs comes with a grain of salt. While it's something to be proud of, as I'm sure you put honest effort into achieving it, it's already been mentioned by temb that with a lot of time anyone can achieve that because it just rates you by amount of wins. If other stats were to be thrown in there, say, like how many times you win vs certain people, or how many DTs you win when x y z players participate, etc etc, then you could start feeling good about the #1 spot. But until then it's just like WoW, with enough time everyone can get epic.

Since it's been a recurring theme, I'll post my 'top8' duelers list with as little ego as I can muster. ;)
This is primarily based off of duelers I've watch vs other top form players, and/or duelers I've faced at my peak or near it. Obviously, there are going to be names missing from here that probably should end up in the last two slots, but I don't have recollection of them anymore or probably never faced them in their prime.

In no particular order:


kemi and Xiver might belong on there, but I don't think I've ever watched them duel properly. List is gonna be subjective for everyone after all. ;)

One final note regarding top players, duelers, ego, dick stroking, etc... I had a really big ego when I used to duel constantly and hated to lose and thought nothing except about how to destroy my opponents, give no quarter, no mercy, be better, etc. So, now that I don't have that anymore, I can safely say without any ego that the last great, and best, dueler and player of the game, was Beastie. Having played with him constantly I knew the kind of competitive spirit he had, and how I'd never get back to that level again. It was a pleasure seeing a player that reminded me of my golden years of subspace and having had the honor of being in the same squad as him.

Stay frosty you drunken space hookers. Maybe I'll post again in another 6 years. ;)


Well I think we can all agree that Beastie was one of the best players in DSB, not only good at team play, but also in dueling he is. Also I would like to congratulate Beastie for being one of the biggest trash talkers in DSB community, not only in game, but also in the former DSB forums. If he won a prac match big time, he would just make a post of it in DSB's forum. He had the skills, not only that, but apparently he had to brag about it too. He is a legendary player indeed, through pointing out himself that he was the best and that he had no challenger for whichever league. It isn't hard to imagine Beastie still playing SS Continuum, since he is like made for this game, he is taking over zone by zone in the whole game.

I don't care if i'm the worst dueler now btw. since i don't play SS Continuum anymore. If you (Makky) never liked me, I can see why, because you think that I think that i'm one of the best duelers only because of being in #1 spot of DT arena. Now that is just wrong, I do not think I am one of the greatest, but I do agree that your list is right of the duelers right here. If you would add a few more to that list, who would they be? Don't I belong to top20 best/most accurate duelers in DSB? Are you serious that I don't, I have spent more than 12-13K hours into SS Continuum and I believe that I am #1 or #2 in flag racing the deathstar completely. Come on Makky, you know that I am not a bad player, whats my overall rank in dueling of duelers in DSB in your opinion, be honest now okay?

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