Good luck guys

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Good luck guys

Post by kaiyin »

Hey guys,

Wishing you guys luck on steam. Hopefully you guys can add a new player base to the community. Maybe get some younger aged kids to start this up again.

This was probably the most competitive gaming I've ever played, with so much strategic promise.

I'm not sure how gamers are today with strategy, but this would definitely be the best zone for that type of play.

This is very nostalgic as I recall hour and hours I dedicated to this game. They were good times even with the trolls I could always rely on sticking with my squad and DSB staff.

It's good to see that Beer has been trying to rapidly evolve DSB, unlike Hoch. Hopefully it's not too late for this place to have newcomers as I think many of us old comers will not log back on.

It would be great to maybe log on one day to see new players playing 12 vs 12 once again and developing newer strategies that us older players did not.

What a ramble!

Good luck,
The one the only Kaiyin

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Re: Good luck guys

Post by Ssseth »

Cool. Thanks, we will need all the luck we can get!
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