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Sad news

Post by Ssseth »

Heya guys, this isnt Ssseth. Its L()ki for those that remember me back in the day. Ssseth always did have terribly easy to guess passwords.

Ssseth passed away today, and as we were talking the memories of Subspace/DSB came up and I knew of how many fkin posts he had here, 2 decades later! I felt I should at least post it. Thanks for all of you turning a 2D space shooter into a bona fide community.

I guess Kemi wins?
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Re: Sad news

Post by Beer Hunter »

Sad news for DSB. Ssseth brought life to these forums even during the latest years, although our activity declined rapidly from what it was back in the good days. Couple weeks ago when I posted a thread here I was thinking that if nobody else bothers replying, Ssseth will. These forums will not be the same without him.

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Re: Sad news

Post by kemi »

Hello L()ki I am so sorry to hear that :( Shayne was a great guy. I hope that you, your sister in law and niece are doing as good as possible and send you al of my warmest feelings your way.

Despite these forums having moved or reset several times the current thread that especially Ssseth and I have been posting in almost daily for 20 years is almost 500 pages long. Last time I heard from him was last summer when things were not doing so well

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Re: Sad news

Post by Magnum Size »

Hey whats up loki. I'm glad you were able to post this on the forums. It just shows how much of an impact dsb had on yours's and Shayne's life. When I think about the forums, Ssseth is always on the top of my list especially his "Year in Pictures" posts. Hopefully this site will continue working because it has plenty of Shayne's posts and replies.
On a side note. I remember the days when I was trying to join Darkside. The rules that Nervous explained to me that I had to duel and beat an existing Darkside member. Ssseth was the player I dueled and I was able to join.
I'm very sorry for your loss. We will miss him.

My Condolences,

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Re: Sad news

Post by Rasher »

Dang - Sorry for your loss Loki. I always thought Ssseth would outlast us all.

(obviously this is a year late, but better late than never :( :()

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